Weekly Research Group 2021-05-13 - Where Does BigBird Help? & Series Conclusion

This week, I shared my results from applying BigBird to just the long comments in the 20 Newsgroups test set, and gave a review of a Notebook from Huggingface demonstrating BigBird on the TriviaQA benchmark.

You can watch the recording on YouTube here: BigBird Research Ep. 5 - Where Does BigBird Help? & Series Conclusion - YouTube

You can view my “Research Journal” doc here: BigBird Research Journal - Google Docs

For BigBird Q&A, we dug into some of my findings on BigBird’s training speed and the effects of the SentencePiece tokenizer.

You can view our notes from the Q&A discussion in this doc: Discussion Group Q&A 2021 Q2 - Google Docs

Next up we’ll be discussing our plans for a series on Chatbots, starting with its applications to Question Answering. Sign up here: